Pension & Benefits

Actuarial Valuation / Gratuity Valuation

Growing conscious and awareness among the corporates has increased the demand for compliance services. Corporate legal compliance is one of most important aspect of any business in the current environment of fast information availability and regulatory activism.
As per Accounting Standard 15 (revised 2005) and Ind AS-19: Employee Benefits issued by the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India following enterprises fall under its ambit:

  • •    Listed companies on any stock exchange in India
  • •    Banks/FIs/Insurance companies
  • •    Companies having turnover of more than 50 Crores
  • •    Companies having borrowings or deposits of more than 10 Crores
  • •    Companies employing more than 50 employees
  • •    Holding or subsidiary company of any of the above

If your company meets any one of the above then you need long term employee benefit valued by external qualified actuary for correct reporting in financial statements.
GRC’s team of qualified actuaries and trained staff have extensive and long experience in the field and constantly evolve themselves with the changing times. We understand the importance of fast turnaround time, especially in the times of pressure and thus ensure fast and efficient service with active support in discussion with external auditors.

We offer various actuarial reports as per statutory requirements of:

  • •   Accounting Standard 15 (revised)
  • •   Ind AS 19
  • •   IAS 19 R
  • •   US GAAP

Applicable to most of the companies, a few reports that we prepare are:

  • •   Actuarial valuation of Gratuity Liabilities
  • •   Actuarial valuation of Leave encashment Liabilities
  • •   Actuarial valuation of earned leave/ leave benefits
  • •   Actuarial valuation of sick leave benefits
  • •   Actuarial valuation of Pension benefits
  • •   Actuarial valuation of Interest rate guarantee for provident fund
  • •   Actuarial valuation of Long Term Care
  • •   Actuarial valuation of Long term service awards
  • •   And other defined benefits plan

Asset Liability Management

We use ALM as a tool to conduct ALM study of company’s Gratuity, PF and Pension Fund which provides detailed forecast on the funds and also highlights the asset liability risks that needs be considered.
Our ALM services include:

  • ✔   Study of Provident Funds, Superannuation Funds, Gratuity and Pension Funds Ensure liquidity, sufficiency of funds and generate optimum returns.

For any further information or details please connect with:
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