Health Insurance

Health Insurance Consultancy

Across the globe there have never been more health care challenges than there are today, be it in terms of providing quality health care by the Government to its public or an Insurer to grow profitably its health business.

We understands the complexity involved in the Health Business thoroughly, headed and executed by domain experts who have had varied experience in setting up Health verticals end to end, with considerable research done and current ongoing research we are confident to deliver the best practices in the Industry by our consultants who have been diligently recruited to suit the comprehensive service requirements of the clients in perspective.

Are you confident your pricing has adequately embedded all the policy condition of the product in offer and reviewed? (Companies are always in the lookout for furthering their approach towards ensuring the product in offer is at the right price).

We provides an extensive gamut of Actuarial service to meet the requirement of the clients in the dynamic environment, below are services we offer, but not limited to Actuarial Services:

Actuarial Modelling

  • ✔   Assist in looking at data in a multi way analysis
  • ✔   Modelling is done through the use of various software’s designed for large data analysis

Product Design & Pricing

  • ✔   Determine pricing for a wide variety of insurance products
  • ✔   Statistical analysis and distribution fitting
  • ✔   Pricing and profit testing
  • ✔   Sensitivity scenario analysis to project losses for insurance exposures
  • ✔   Review of Regulatory filling documents

Reserving Review

  • ✔   Peer review of Appointed Actuary’s work
  • ✔   Statistical analysis of claims experience
  • ✔   Assess impact of Reinsurance program on Reserves
  • ✔   Generation of Reserving reports
  • ✔   Determine adequacy of past reserves
  • ✔   Determine Reserving methodology for each line of business and assess the needs for IBNR, IBNER, UPR, AUPR and PDR
  • ✔   Financial Condition Report
  • ✔   IBNR Reporting
  • ✔   Asset Liability Management reporting
  • ✔   Calculation of Statutory reserves
  • ✔   Testing of Reserve adequacy and stress testing Regulatory filing support

Capital Management

  • ✔   Projection of capital requirements
  • ✔   Assessment of Economic Capital
  • ✔   Assessment of impact of new products on capital requirement
  • ✔   Assess and optimize Return on Capital
  • ✔   Develop capital efficient products
  • ✔   Design Reinsurance programs in line with risk appetite of the firm

Business Valuation & Due Diligence

  • ✔   New Insurance company setup services
  • ✔   Market Feasibility
  • ✔   Partner search
  • ✔   Business Planning
  • ✔   Product Strategy
  • ✔   Distribution channel feasibility
  • ✔   Competitive scenario analysis
  • ✔   Regulatory Approval
  • ✔   Product Design
  • ✔   Network and Stakeholder tie-ups (Both internal and External)
  • ✔   Evaluating Underwriting, Claims and Insurance operation to boost bottomline
  • ✔   Valuation and M&A services
  • ✔   Independent assessment of Insurance companies
  • ✔   Actuarial due diligence
  • ✔   Commercial due diligence
  • ✔   Financial due diligence
  • ✔   Impact analysis of changes in operations