Life Insurance

We offer you world class, actuarial services on all aspects of life Insurance. Whatever is your situation or size, our practical expertise is available to meet your every need.

Non-Life Insurance

We offer you tailor-made services on a variety of strategic and operational issues related to Non-Life Insurance Business to meet your business requirements.

Health Insurance

We provide end to end services for setting up of a new Health Insurance company or Health Insurance vertical within an existing Insurance company. We provide consultation on various Actuarial and Business matters to existing Insurance company.

Pension & Employee Benefits

We offer tailor-made services on a variety of strategic issues related to Employee Benefit, Long term incentives to meet your business requirements. Our actuarial valuation services help you to accurately estimate liabilities under defined benefit schemes, Stock based plans.

Risk Management

We will help you to identify, measure, source, prioritize and manage business, technology, political environment and all other types of related risks. You will be helped in all stages of putting ERM framework in practice, incorporate it in governance structure and develop workforce in this area.

Employee Stock Option Plan

We are specialized in providing professional valuation services to companies regarding their ESOP structuring, and provide well-reasoned, detailed valuation reports certificates to serve their commercial & statutory requirements.

Who we are

Global Risk Consultants operates as a firm that specializes in providing consultancy services in the realms of Risk Management, Liability Quantification, and Management.

The Objectives of GRC is to encompass offering consulting and educational support on Actuarial Science both domestically in India and on an international scale.

Our expertise is centred around Financial Services spanning Life Insurance, General Insurance, Health Insurance, Pensions, Social Security, Employee Benefits, and Asset Management, all tied to various Liability aspects involving diverse Actuarial Projections. Leveraging financial and business modelling proficiency, we aid clients in strategic and operational business management. Collectively, our partners contribute over 60 Man years of experience across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Our Skills

Creating Sustainable Business Model

Driving Customer Preference

Improving Profiility

Unleashing Talent

Implementing Strategies

Our Success Mantra

Insightful solutions that we provide for our clients in their chosen line of businesses, based on deep research , domain expertise and execution focus are the factors driving our success.

Our solutions are effective because they are simple and contextual to the situation, hence they are easy to adopt and implement.