Life Insurance

Life Insurance Consultancy

Team of dedicated consultants offers Actuarial services par excellence on aspects pertaining to Life Insurance. Our expertise lies in providing tailor made services suiting client need. Our consultants carry diversified experience across various domains of Life Insurance Industry and use their expertise in Financial / Actuarial / Business Modeling to provide solutions in the following areas:

Product Design

  • ✔   Designing the products in compliance with the regulatory requirements, market Benchmarked and suitable for target pricing
  • ✔   Prophet
  • ✔   Building stochastic models for valuing options and guarantees
  • ✔   Business Planning
  • ✔   Asset Liability Management
  • ✔   Analysis of Surplus
  • ✔   Other relevant activities pertaining to Actuarial modelling

Statutory Requirements

  • ✔   Building the model for calculation of liabilities
  • ✔   Advising on the types of global reserves and the methodology for its calculation
  • ✔   Assisting with preparation of the Annual and Quarterly reports as stated by the Regulator
  • ✔   Peer Review-An independent review of the relevant reports, documents and models
  • ✔   Building the model for calculation of liabilities

Asset Liability Management

  • ✔   Designing an Investment strategy to manage the liability profile of the client basis nature, term and currency of the liabilities
  • ✔   Ensuring compliance with the solvency requirements from the regulator.
  • ✔   Advising on company’s internal strategy on managing the solvency position.
  • ✔   Advising on investment strategy to meet the liquidity requirements.
  • ✔   Constructing models for stress testing and scenario testing.
  • ✔   Preparing reports specific to Asset Liability Management
  • ✔   Business Management and Planning

With – Profits business Management

  • ✔   Setting up of With – Profits line of business
  • ✔   Developing strategy for distribution of surplus.
  • ✔   An Independent With Profits Actuary to be a part of the With Profits Committee

Risk Management

  • ✔   Operational risk, Underwriting risk , Reinsurance risk
  • ✔   Assessment of Risk Based Capital Reviewing the reinsurance agreements
  • ✔   Devising the investment strategy to hedge the investment risk Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • ✔   Assessment of the fair value of the business
  • ✔   Actuarial Due Diligences
  • ✔   Financial Due Diligence
  • ✔   Commercial Due Diligence
  • ✔   Negotiations involving buyers and sellers

Solvency II Consulting

  • ✔   Designing of ERM framework compliant with regulations
  • ✔   Implementation of the ERM framework
  • ✔   Developing the internal models
  • ✔   Validating the existing models
  • ✔   Preparation of Regulatory Reports
  • ✔   Capital Management and Business Strategy