Risk Management

Risk Management Consultancy

We will help you to identify, measure, source, prioritize and manage business, technology, political environment and all other types of related risks. You will be helped in all stages of putting ERM framework in practice, incorporate it in governance structure and develop workforce in this area. Our consultants with their expertise in the field will help you, primarily into following areas.

Enterprise Risk Management

  • ✔   Identify different types of risks
  • ✔   Classify risks based on area of impact
  • ✔   Analyze risks identified
  • ✔   Assess likelihood and impact
  • ✔   Analyze existing risk control measures
  • ✔   Identify requirement of additional controls
  • ✔   Find Risk mitigation options
  • ✔   Cost benefit analysis of various options
  • ✔   Document the findings

In a nutshell, you will be helped in all stages of putting ERM framework in practice.

Will Advise on

  • ✔   Design of compliant ERM framework
  • ✔   Implementation of ERM framework
  • ✔   Development of Internal models
  • ✔   Model Validation
  • ✔   Capital Management and business strategy
  • ✔   Financial Condition Reporting
  • ✔   Supervisory Report
  • ✔   Gap Analysis

Benefits to you

  • ✔   Business solutions are provided by Industry pioneers and reliable actuarial team
  • ✔   Better risk reporting
  • ✔   Align strategy with risk appetite
  • ✔   Manage and/or transfer risk effectively
  • ✔   Comprehend links between growth, risk and return• Assess economic capital
  • ✔   Better allocation of capital and resources
  • ✔   End to End Risk Management Services• Save time and money• Manage financial and regulatory risks